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Pwning/rooting the Cisco Meraki MR18

If you haven’t noticed, in my spare time I really enjoy breaking into embedded devices for the fun of things. Over the past year, I have spent a ton of time rooting the Cisco Meraki MR18, and today I get the chance to publicly disclose my findings.

To start, let me note by saying I have properly disclosed this issue to Cisco Meraki months ago, but due to the fact they are no longer replying to my emails or honoring their own Bug Bounty, I have decided to publicly disclose this after waiting over 90 days since their last reply. Hopefully one of these days I will write up the process I used to find this “exploit”.

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LimitlessLED WiFi Bridge 4.0 Conversion to Raspberry Pi

Recently I purchased a few “Smart” LEDs from a site called LimitlessLED due to positive feedback from a close friend. After all was said and done, I walked away with 3 RGB LED Bulbs, a remote control, and one of their cool WiFi Receiver Bridges. After waiting a few weeks everything showed up and was working fine out of the box, except the WiFi Bridge. Thus started my journey to figure out what in the hell was going on which ended with me converting the adapter to work from a Raspberry Pi.

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Fix for SCST not running at startup on Debian 7.5

  I recently got my hands on a nice new NAS box that included a few QLogic quad port 4gb fibre channel cards and I decided to mess with the idea of upgrading my SAN from Ethernet to Fiber. The problem is the only real way to do this without too much pain is to use SCST. For those who are interested in setting that up, I followed this Tutorial and I had no issues getting it going on a 3.14.5 kernel… minus the init.d startup script not working, which I have a fix for. So, if you have issues with SCST not running at startup in Debian, this post is for you!

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Setup a Debian Saltstack minion with a single command

If you have a handful of servers you need to add to Saltstack for management purposes, and don’t want to spend 10 minutes per node setting it up the Saltstack minion, you normally do one of two things. One, create a script to automate the process for you or Two, streamline the process to a single command. Well I did the latter, and felt like sharing it so you don’t have to spend 5 minutes dealing with regular expressions and sed.

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How To: Update a Dell C6100 DCS Node (BIOS & BCM)

This past week I purchased a lovely Dell C6100 unit on ebay, come to find out it is unable to take any official dell updates for the BIOS or BCM module. As my unit had BIOS version 1.04 (from 2009) I was unable to upgrade my CPU’s to hex-cores. After some research, I found out the reason was because my “C6100” was actually a DCS model. DCS models are re-branded or resold C6100’s that are not registered under dell. You can test for a DCS node by checking the service tag on dell’s website. If it returns not found, chances are you have a DCS model. But, after spending a while on the internet I was able to update both my BIOS and BCM firmwares to the latest dell releases!

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PfSense, Intel NIC, and Slow Upload Speeds

  You know when you spend days on an issue, just to find out the cause was as simple as a check box? Welcome to my life. For the past week I have been having an issue with my PfSense Router where I would only get about 1/2 of my advertised upload speeds. At first I thought it was some equipment going bad, or a mismatch duplex setting somewhere. In the end, it turns out that the Intel Driver my Quad Port Gigabit card has some issues, and this is what caused my Slow Upload speed in PfSense.

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Realtek r8168 Network Driver patched for the Linux 3.10 Kernel

   If you have an AMD 990FX Chipset Motherboard, and have an issue where the network interface stops working during large file transfers, you may need to update your network driver. To fix this, you just install the r8168 driver. Problem is, by default it will not compile on the 3.10 kernel. So, here is a copy of the official r8168 driver patched to compile and run on the linux 3.10 kernel!