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Rooting and Converting the Cisco Air-OEAP602 to an E3000

    Every now and then I come across some interesting devices, one of which was the Cisco Air-OEAP602 “Access Point”. This little guy has an impressive spec sheet with a BCM4718A1 CPU running at 480Mhz, 16MB of flash, and 64MB of RAM but sadly the stock firmware lacks many standard features. Obviously as an enterprise offering it has unique things such as OfficeExtend, but what good are they if they are closed source? Time to hack this thing!

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How To: Update a Dell C6100 DCS Node (BIOS & BCM)

This past week I purchased a lovely Dell C6100 unit on ebay, come to find out it is unable to take any official dell updates for the BIOS or BCM module. As my unit had BIOS version 1.04 (from 2009) I was unable to upgrade my CPU’s to hex-cores. After some research, I found out the reason was because my “C6100” was actually a DCS model. DCS models are re-branded or resold C6100’s that are not registered under dell. You can test for a DCS node by checking the service tag on dell’s website. If it returns not found, chances are you have a DCS model. But, after spending a while on the internet I was able to update both my BIOS and BCM firmwares to the latest dell releases!

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