is Live!

After weeks of development, I am proud to say that my new website, is now live! is a free web hosting service, aimed at the individual user, so if you are looking for free basic web hosting, go check it out and let me know what you think! This is my way of trying to help out the internet community one of the only ways I can, by offering the use of my hardware for free.

So with that, go check it out, sign up, and please give me as much feedback as possible. I would love to see succeed, so please help it happen!

NOTE: Sorry for the self promotion, this will be the only one I do about this.

6 thoughts on “ is Live!

  1. Tadas

    Very nice website!!! Maybe you can tell what hosting control panel you will use on this system ? 🙂 because i am trying to make my own hosting website so i have decided to use zpanel.


    1. Chris B - Admin Post author

      Thanks! 🙂 I started with zpanel myself, but I was having issues with the API and some core modules not working. I recently moved to ISPConfig, and have 0 complaints!

  2. Tadas

    I have installed ISPConfig on one of test VM but can’t get DNS to work. I have created a zone but i guess something is missing…Could help me with that somehow ?


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